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  • Where can I download your DATANORM datasets?
    You have to sign a licence agreement before you can download out item master data. You can find this here. Once we have received your signed licence agreement, you can download the datasets from the following link. You have to be logged in to do so.

  • Which DATANORM version should I use?
    If you are downloading our item data for the very first time, you need the basic version of DATANORM. Which version is suitable ultimately depends on your industry program. Generally DATANORM version 4 is still the most common and can be processed by 99% of the programs used. In case of doubt, your software support can help you.

  • I cannot find your items in my trade software. What should I do?
    First check that you have entered the item numbers correctly. The spaces after the first two numbers and after the fifth number must also be entered.

  • How can I check that your item data are up-to-date?
    You can check the status and version of your data by entering the item number 01 001 01. When the data have been imported, the date should correspond to the latest version on our Datanorm page. We update the item data every 3 months.

IDS Connect
  • Does your shop have an IDS Connect interface?
    You are currently not able to connect our shop system with your tradesman’s software via IDS.

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