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  • Where can I download your Datanorm datasets?
    You first need to sign a usage contract before you can download our item master data. You can find it here. Once you have sent us the signed declaration of use, you can download the datasets by clicking on the following link. You must be logged in to do this.

  • What DATANORM version should I use?
    If you are loading out item data for the very first time, you will need the basic version of DATANORM. The exact version that is suitable for this depends on your industry-specific program. Generally, DATANORM version 4 is still the most common and can be processed by 99% of the programs used. Your software support team can help if you are unsure.

  • I can’t find your items in my transman’s software, what can I do?
    First of all, check how the item numbers are spelt. You also have to enter the spaces after the first two digits, and after the fifth digit.

  • How can I check whether my item data is up-to-date?
    You can check the status of your data using item number 01 001 01. After reading the data, the status 04/07/2019 should be displayed.

IDS Connect
  • Does your shop have an IDS Connect interface?
    You are currently not able to connect our shop system with your tradesman’s software via IDS.

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