For self-starters
who know what they want!
The TBS app - shop on the move, quickly and conveniently!
Discover the benefits of the TBS APP

        The video for our new TBS-App - ALL FEATURES SIMPLY EXPLAINED!

Do you also want access to the whole WS range on the go?
From planning to development up the first live version, we have created an app that doesn’t just support you on the go, but is also straightforward to use.

It doesn’t matter if it’s with your smartphone or tablet - we want you to be able to respond freely and act independently!

What functions does the app have?
> Scan function
Load your storage shelves simply and conveniently.

How does it work? You can find product barcodes in our online shop in different printable formats.
To the label generator
With the app’s scan function, you can then just scan products, place them in the basket, and send them as an order!
You can buy various label sheets from us directly here. To the label sheets
> Offline function
Do you get poor reception on-site?

No problem for our app, you can browse through the entire TBS range using item names, item numbers or search terms.

You can get to the item you want just as quickly via navigation. If you have already seen it in online mode, then the item’s information has been stored and you can also see the item’s description, properties and images in offline mode.

You can easily put the item selected in online mode in your basket or watchlist.
You can send off your order as soon as you have reception again.
> Forms with image upload
Do you have a question that can be better explained with a photo?
Or would you like to make a complaint?

Then use our app. You can find all the forms in your account.
Simply fill out the form, quickly add a photo and send it off.
> Price display
Do you want to show your client our range without them seeing your purchase prices?
You can switch off the price display quickly and flexibly in your account.
How do I get the TBS app?
Just go to the Google Play store and search for TBS Technischer Bedarf.
Or to make things even easier: Scan the QR code below and it will take you straight to the TBS app.
Do you have any more questions?

Find out more here!
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