For self-starters
who know what they want!
  • "Ich will Preise, bei denen ich direkt
    zupacken kann. Ohne dass ich erst
    noch Kaufmann spielen muss."
  • "Ich will bestellen, wann und wo ich will.
    Ohne jemanden, der, wann er will,
    auf der Baustelle erscheint."
  • "Ich will günstig einkaufen.
    Ohne Qualitätsverluste in Kauf nehmen
    zu müssen."
  • "Ich will einen Anbieter, bei dem ich alles
    finden kann. Ohne auf zig Baustellen
    nach fairen Angeboten zu suchen."
  • "Ich will alleine einkaufen. Ohne allein
    gelassen zu werden, wenn ich mal
    wirklich Beratung brauche."
  • "Ich will schnell und einfach bestellen.
    Ohne danach lange auf die Lieferung
    warten zu müssen."
TBS - For self-starters who know what they want
Who are we?
Individually we are one-of-a-kind and unique, together we are committed and strong!
We, the people behind TBS, do our upmost every day to ensure you are completely satisfied. We are specialists - everyone is an expert in their field, and the same applies for us all as a business. We have staff with technical knowledge and experience who will be able to help, whether you are a craftsman or if you have picked up various skills with service providers. From Purchasing to Technical, to Customer Service and Logistics. TBS staff understand what you are talking about and what is important to you.
What can we do for you?
We deliver - products at a reasonable price and technical expertise!
We offer you prices that are fair, as well as transparent, and ensure that you don’t have to spend your time doing price comparisons. We won’t send any salesmen to your door! You can just buy the tools and technology you need, when and how you want! And if you ever need any help, we are here for you. You can get hold of us anytime over the phone, via fax, email or our contact form in our shop. A team of expert advisors from all product and service sectors is on hand to offer you professional and practical advice.
What are the benefits for you?
Tools and technology - a large selection, everything from a single source and at great prices
Take advantage of almost 40,000 items of craft and industrial equipment. You will find all the products that you need for your workshop or business from the tools, operating equipment, electrical and technical equipment sectors in our online shop. Our range is so extensive that you can find pretty much anything you need as a craftsman or industrial business with us. You don’t have look for fair offers with every provider under the sun, instead, you can order everything you need with TBS. Every TBS item stands out due to their professional quality and can be quickly delivered to you on-site. We guarantee this with out 6 TBS promises.
TBS promises
We understand you and your craft.
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