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  • Why can’t I see any prices in the online shop?
    Our prices can only be viewed by our customers. Although your customers can therefore see the items, they have no access to prices. To use this function, please log in here. If you are not a customer with us yet, you can register here.

  • How do I know exactly how much items cost?
    All prices given in our online shop are net, plus VAT at the current rate. In the top left above our company logo, you can select if you want to show net prices plus or include the VAT. You can see our current prices only when you are logged in. Please log in here.

  • Where can I view the availability of an item?
    We already show you the availability of our items in the online shop. You can see availability in the item table under “avail.”. In addition, you can see availability in the navigation and search result list view.

  • Why can’t I find the item I want any more?
    It is possible that we no longer stock the item or it is not currently available. If we are able to offer you an alternative to the item, we will point it out to you in the shop. You can recognise an item for which there is a substitute by the grey availability notice.

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