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What should you do in the event of damage in transit?
Registration period & documentation
Please note that if the statutory registration periods for transit damage are not met in accordance with Art. 438ff of the German Commercial Code you will not be able to make a claim against the freight forwarder.

The transfer of risk for the delivery is passed on to the purchaser when handing goods over to the carrier or freight forwarder. You are legally obliged to verify the quantity and correctness of the goods and to check for defects without delay. If the notice has not been sent back to us up to the period expiring, the goods will be deemed free of defects.

Please note that images of the damaged goods, the consignment label and the outer packaging are required for reporting transport damage. You cannot submit a claim for damages with the freight forwarder without any images.

IMPORTANT: Damaged goods may not be assembled!

Type of transport damage
Clear transport damage
Is the packaging clearly damaged from the outside?
  • Please refuse to accept the goods and notify us immediately by phone on 0 74 33. 98 92 57 or send us an email at

Do you want to accept the consignment in spite of the damage?
  • Note the following details on the proof of delivery/ Delivery note/ freight paper: Date, time and truck ID. Please ask for a receipt for the damage from the driver.
Concealed transport damage
Concealed damage with intact packaging?
  • Please send us your damage report incl. images within 5 days upon receipt of the goods. The external packaging, the consignment label and the damaged goods must be visible on the images.

Please always notify us over the phone on
0 74 33. 98 92 57, by email or fax 0 74 33. 98 92 58 as soon as you have identified damage after checking the goods. The consignment should be unpacked and checked in the presence of the driver.
How do you report the damage?
  • Please document the damage with photos of the damaged item, outer packaging and consignment label.
  • Open the “transport damage” complaint form at under the download section.
  • Upload the images for your complaint here and send us the complete form with images online within 24 hours.

Handling dangerous goods
Gas cartridges, batteries, technical sprays - there are many products that must be handled with care during transport. If these consignment are ever damaged, particular caution is advised. The respective ID will tell you if the consignment contains dangerous goods.
In this case, please call our customer service team on +49 74 33.98 92 57 and be mindful of our return notes.

Agreements to delivery in a specific place without signature

If you have agreed in writing or verbally with the package delivery companies or carriers to leave the package in a specific place without signature, damage cannot be reported. You accept liability for the shipments from the point at which they are left at the location specified by you. The goods can also be delivered without confirmation of receipt. The package delivery companies and freight forwarders cannot accept any liability if the goods are damaged or lost. Action cannot be taken against freight forwarders in such cases, as we cannot claim that the goods have been damaged or lost in transit, as would be the case without an agreement to leave the package in a specific place without signature.

Please consider whether you wish to continue to allow goods to be left without signature in view of this risk. It may be possible to arrange alternative delivery with a neighbour, for example.

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