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User management
Do you want to assign individual rights to your employees?
The new user management allows you to create a separate account for each employee.
  • Create new users

  • Edit, lock or delete user

Management of rights and roles
The rights and role management allows you to individually determine which rights each of your employees should have. This allows you to individually specify whether a person can, for example, view the net prices and place orders or only add items to the shopping basket.

You can find definitions of the rights here
  • Rollenverwaltung

Saved shopping baskets
Has your employee filled their basket but is not allowed to place orders? With shopping basket approval, you retain full control. Every employee can send you their filled shopping basket as an administrator. You can then easily add them to your basket and save on shipping costs if necessary.
  • Save and manage baskets

  • Warenkörbe weiterleiten

  • Warenkörbe zusammenführen

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