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Online shop manual
Product view
You will find photos and a description of the product you want in the product view.
By clicking on the photo, you can display an enlarged view of the product. If
several photos are available, then you can look at them using the right and left arrows.
The arrows will appear as soon as you move the mouse over the right and left area respectively.

Some products have different properties (size, colour, output..), these are listed under
VARIATIONS. Availability is shown in coloured form
in the penultimate table column.

That’s how you always know whether

the item is in stock.
you’d better hurry up since the availability is limited.
there is a certain delivery time for this item.
the item is not in stock but will be delivered as quickly as possible.

The meaning of individual icons is also shown in an info box, this appears as soon as you hover the mouse over the respective icon.
You can enter your desired quantity in the entry field in the last column
and put it in your basket by clicking on this icon .

Tip: All you have to do is click on the basket symbol to put a item in the basket.
Entering 1 as a quantity is not required.
If you want to add an item to your favourites list, then just click on this symbol

By clicking on the icon, detailed item information is displayed, such as bulk prices.
Helpful sketches are stored in the DRAWINGS section.
You will find more important information saved as PDF documents underDOCUMENTS.

Some items have additional shipping information in the table and item details:

For all freight consignment and items marked with the “Freight” symbol, the following delivery times apply for in-stock products:
The delivery time within Germany is 3 to 5 working days. The delivery time is 4 to 5 working days from the day of dispatch for countries bordering Germany.

Additional costs may be incurred for these items in accordance with their weight and delivery area. You will be notified of these costs separately. Your order is only completed once you have received a signed order confirmation.

Item not approved for Switzerland.

Delivered by the manufacturer. Please observe the specified delivery time. The goods cannot be delivered by express.

Direct dispatch - Cannot be returned. Delivered by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, these items cannot be returned.

Direct dispatch - Cannot be returned. Unfortunately, these items cannot be returned.

Sale and delivery in Germany only.

A forklift may be necessary in order to receive goods. This may result in additional costs. We will contact you in advance so that the delivery goes smoothly. The goods cannot be delivered by express.

These goods contain hazardous substances and therefore commercial transport of these goods is only permitted under certain circumstances.
As the transport risk is higher than it is for other goods, dangerous goods cannot be delivered abroad,
to islands or to special areas.
The goods cannot be delivered by express.

While LQ goods contain hazardous materials, they can be transported in limited quantities and in the smallest non-hazardous packages.
Thus you benefit from the facilitation of specific aspects of transport. Transport limitations nevertheless exist, and special labelling is mandatory.
For this reason, delivery to islands or special areas is excluded.

Table filter

If there are tables in the product view (for example for hammer drill F8 SDS-Plus),
individual columns can be filtered according to specific properties.

To do so, click on the individual arrows and select the desired properties.
The table then adapts accordingly and the filter results are displayed.

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