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New in the online shop

August 2021
Merklisten sortieren
Sie haben eine große Anzahl an Artikeln in Ihrer Merkliste und möchten diese sortieren?
Diese Möglichkeit steht Ihnen nun zur Verfügung. Und so gehts...

Schritt 1
Tragen Sie in die erste Spalte die neue Position ein, in der die Artikel erscheinen sollen. Klicken Sie dann auf Liste neu sortieren.
Schritt 2
Nun wird Ihre Merkliste in 5-er Schritten sortiert und die Artikel erscheinen in der gewünschten Reihenfolge.

Haben Sie also bei einem Artikel die Position 1 eingetragen und klicken anschließend auf den Button Liste neu sortieren, erhält dieser die Nummer 5. Der Artikel mit Position 2 erhält die Nummer 10. Die Sortierung nach 5-er Schritten ermöglicht es Ihnen, zwischen zwei Positionen jeweils 4 weitere Artikel einzusortieren.

June 2021
User management
Do you want to assign individual rights
to your employees?

The new user management allows you to create a separate account for each employee.

Would you like to collect your goods directly from our TBS collection point in Balingen-Engstlatt? This is now also possible.
To do this, click TBS Pick-up Point Engstlatt in the third step of the shopping basket.

January 2021
Now create watch lists even more easily
Have you found an item in the online shop that you want to add to your watch list quickly?
Then you can decide from the item view itself whether you want to add it to a new or existing watch list or
to your favourites list. And all with out having to open the watchlist management option.

December 2019
Do we no longer stock the item you’re looking for?
Now you can find a suitable alternative.
With our new shop function, you have the option to view alternatives for items that we no longer stock. If we are able to offer you an alternative to the item you are looking for, we will point it out to you immediately.

What is different from your point of view?

   You can recognise an item for which there is a substitute
by the grey availability notice.

   Open the subsequent item
by clicking on the magnifying glass.
If the item is a suitable alternative for the item you were looking for, you can
replace it with just one click on your watch or favourites list.

October 2019
If you wish to place a quick order, you can now check the items you have entered by simply pressing the RETURN/ENTER key after entering the order number and quantity.

To quick order.

September 2019
Delivery address management
You can now create and save multiple delivery addresses. You can use this function very easily in the Customer Centre under “Delivery addresses” and during the order process. To do so, simply click on “Add new address”.

You can also specify a “preferred delivery address”, which will be selected automatically the next time you log in. Tick the preferred delivery address box to do this when you are creating a new address or editing an existing one.

April 2019
Do you also want access to the whole TBS range on the go?

From planning to development up the first live version, we have created an app
that doesn’t just support you on the go, but is also straightforward to use.

It doesn’t matter if it’s with your smartphone or tablet - we want you to be able to respond freely and act independently!

Or to make things even easier: Scan the QR code below
and it will take you straight to the TBS app.

August 2018
Express delivery
More service for your order! Now you can choose the type of dispatch for urgent orders in the order process:

Now you can order express in the online shop directly.
Our dispatch logics don’t just take the current time into account, but your place of delivery too. Thus, you know straight away of you can have an express delivery.

If an item creates additional delivery costs, now we notify you in your order overview (the last step in the basket)

Our customers based abroad can also take advantage of this. Now you can view your border fees, package dispatch costs and freight dispatch costs that may be due in your overview.

June 2018
Order history
Do you want to reorder items without wasting too much time in searching them? Just use our purchase order history.
Find here all your online orderings.

By clicking on the “i” symbol, you will get to the detailed view of your orderings. You can now put particular items or your entire order into the shopping basket.

March 2018
Order now faster and easier!
With our new shop features „Import your shopping cart“ and „export your shopping cart“ you are now able to add and to cancel article lists.

How does it exactly work?
Import your shopping cart
This feature allows you to import and to add your article lists , which were compiled in your merchandise management system, as file (ids, csv, xls, xlsx, etc) in your shopping cart.
Export your shopping cart
Thanks to this new feature you are now able to export your complete and in our shop compiled lists as file (csv, xls, xlsx, etc) and to add them into your merchandise management system.
Your benefits at a glance:

✔ No double or manual input anymore
✔ A comfortable way of processing your orders
✔ More time for your core competencies
You will find this function in the basket.

October 2017
Mouse over info pictograms
We have expanded the functions in the online shop once again.

If you don’t recognise the meaning of the info pictograms at first glance, then just hover over the symbol with the mouse, and a small explanation appears.
Delivery times for ordered goods
Now you will find the delivery time in Ordered Goods (status: blue) on the item details page if an item is ever out of stock. Therefore, you can take any delays that may arise into account in your scheduling.

In product family, the ordered goods delivery time is integrated in the table using a mouse-over.

The search function was also expanded. Now you can search for the manufacturer’s item number. You can get to your desired item even faster as a result. For each item, you will find the manufacturer’s item number in the “Technical Data.

September 2017
29/09/2017 - Language selection
Since the end of September, you have been able to use our online shop in French and English. To change the language, you just have to click on the little flag in the top right. Here, you can then make your desired selection

August 2017
Navigation sidebar
We have introduced a navigation sidebar so you can get to our most popular pages even faster. Here you can access your receipts, quick order, your watchlists or contact form with just one click. As the customer, only you can see the sidebar, so it’s shown straight away after you’ve logged in.