For self-starters
who know what they want!
  • "Ich vermittle Ihnen die Sicherheit,
    dass TBS jederzeit ein zuverlässiger
    Profi-Versandhandel ist."
  • "Ich setzte mein ganzes Know-how ein,
    um Ihnen praxisgerechte Antworten
    auf Ihre Fragen zu geben."
  • Ich garantiere, dass Sie bei TBS
    stets hochwertige Produkte
    zu besonders günstigen Preisen
The people behind the TBS promises
At TBS, four teams ensure that the 6 TBS promises can become a reality.
  • The Customer Service Team

“ In the Customer Service Team, we ensure that you can always reach a friendly voice on the phone who can provide you with a comprehensive service.”

  • The Logistics Team

Our warehouse has over 40,000 sqm of space in total. We have put together a strong warehousing and logistics team for you, so that all orders are commissioned and sent reliably, quickly, and error-free.”

  • The Technical Team

“We are five expert specialists who are familiar with every technical detail. From us, you can get a professional, practical response that is tailored to your requirements, anytime.”

  • The Purchasing Team

“Our team of buyers is in constant close contact with suppliers and the market. This is how we guarantee quality for low prices and can quickly incorporate new trends and products into the range.“

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