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Push fitting cap Standard 1
  • Push fitting cap Standard 1
  • Push fitting cap Piktogramm 1
  • Push fitting cap Piktogramm 2

Push fitting cap

Push fittings for copper tubes, PB and PEX plastic pipes
• A system for drinking water and heating systems
• Suitable for drinking water in accordance with UBA whitelist
• Fittings body made of brass with dezincification protection
• Temperature for copper pipes max.: 90°C at 10 bar
• Pressure in copper pipe max.: 20 bar at 25°C
• Temperature for PB and PEX pipes max.: 90°C at 5 bar
• Pressure for PB and PEX pipes max.: 12 bar at 25 °C
• The push fitting system can be disassembled and reused with the aid of a disassembly tool
• For pipes made of PB or PEX, a support sleeve must be inserted before assembling the connection
• Only PEX pipes which do not have an aluminium coating may be used
*No DVGW approval
SizeOrder No.€/eachAvail.Functions
12 mm90 844 71not logged in10not logged in
14 mm*90 844 72not logged in10not logged in
15 mm90 844 73not logged in10not logged in
16 mm90 844 74not logged in10not logged in
18 mm90 844 75not logged in10not logged in
20 mm*90 844 76not logged in10not logged in
22 mm90 844 77not logged in10not logged in
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