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Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50 Standard 1
  • Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50 Standard 1
  • Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50 Standard 2
  • Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50 Standard 3
  • Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50 Standard 4

Channel thermostat JTU-1 ..-50

• Capillary system
• TÜV-tested
Technical data:
• Switching capacity: 15 (8) A, 24–250 V ~, for 24 V ~ min. 150 mA
• Contact: 1 micro-switch used as floating changeover contact (changeover switch)
• Ambient temperature: –15 to +80 °C
• Protection type: IP 40
• Protection class: I
• Sensor: liquid sensor made of copper, active across entire length
• max. sensor temperature: 200 °C
• Colour: grey
• JTU-2 design certified by TÜV according to DIN EN 14597, for hot-air heater to DIN 4794
Intrinsic safety/cold protection:
• The devices are intrinsically safe: the burner is switched off is the sensor medium is lost (as the result of sensor breakage, for example)
• As negative temperatures have the same effect by reducing the volume of the sensor medium, the devices are adjusted via the “cold screw” so that they only switch off the burner at temperatures below –15 ° C
• The burner can only be switched back on manually via the manual reset button at temperatures higher than roughly –5 °C
Overheat protection:
• The device protects against uncontrolled overheating, as caused for example by heat build-up or a gradual loss of capillary tube filling in the event of non-visible damage to the sensor or capillary tube etc.
• If a temperature of 220 °C is reached, the safety solder in the sensor melts and the device switches off the burner as a precautionary measure by removing the filling medium
• The burner cannot be switched back on
• The device is now unusable and serves as verification that an overtemperature of at least 220 °C was present
• Minimum or maximum thermostat for supply air monitoring and fan control in ventilation and air-conditioning systems
• Overheat protection thermostat for electric heating registers and direct-fired air heaters in oil and gas applications
• Note: Devices require vibration-free installation to prevent malfunctions and sensor breakage
TypeTemperature rangeSwitch diff.Capillary length mmEquipmentOrder No.€/eachAvail.Functions
JTU 50-25 to +65°C1.5 K350-60 043 01not logged in
JTU 120 to +100°C8 to 30 K350Intrinsic safety / cold protection60 043 02not logged in
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